Our team has extensive experience in MRI, including the management (as principal investigators), performance and analysis (as core laboratory) of large scale international clinical trials.

Our pool of consultant radiologists are highly qualified in their specific areas of interest. Their combined experience covers all areas of MR imaging, and CAMRI's comprehensive range of software allows post processing analysis in specialty imaging.

CAMRI Organizational Structure


Our Team

Director Dr David Dubowitz

Clinical Practise Manager Sharmila Kannan

Charge Medical Imaging Technologist Anna-Maria Lydon

Clinical Physicist Catherine Morgan

Medical Imaging Technologist Rachel Heron

Medical Imaging Technologist Janine Chant

Medical Imaging Technologist Ashley Grey

Medical Imaging Technologist Martha

Office Manager Christine Cole

MRI Booking Administrator Savita Panchia

MRI Booking Administrator Jessica Salvador

MRI Booking Administrator Evangeline

MRI Assistant Victor

Clinical Assistant Shivani Siwan