Commuting by Walk / Public Transport

Our location

The Centre for Advanced MRI is located in the Auckland suburb of Grafton. We have rooms in the University of Auckland's Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences building, across the road from the Auckland Hospital, and  within the Radiology Department of Auckland Hospital. If you are driving here are your landmarks to find us.

Get directions:

If you are walking or catching the bus or train, please come through the main entrance to the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences building.


Straight ahead you will see the Faculty reception.  Go past reception  to the lifts on the left.



Go into the lifts and face the back door, on your left you will find a button B for basement.Press and head down to our floor. When you come out of the lift turn left and keep left (look for the sign shown in the image below).


Once you arrive at the entrance, the Receptionists will let you in. If there is no one sitting at the reception desk, please press the intercom button and wait for someone to let you in.