MRI scanners

The Centre performs scans on 3T MAGNETOM Skyra and 1.5T MAGNETOM Avanto MRI scanners (Siemens, Erlangen, Germany). The facility receives an extremely high level of technical and engineering support from Siemens, including specialised staff training and supply of works-in-progress pre-release software.


3T Siemens Skyra

The Skyra is the first 3T Tim + DOT system and represents the latest generation of MRI technology including a completely redesigned RF system and all-new coil architecture. The DOT (Day Optimizing Throughput) engine multiplies the power of Tim (Total Imaging Matrix) resulting in greater image consistency and diagnostic confidence.


The MAGNETOM Skyra with its industry leading 70 cm bore and length of only 173 cm provides a patient friendly appearance that can significantly help patients with anxiety or claustrophobia. The patient weight limit for this system is 250 kg. The combination of this very high table weight limit and large bore is well suited to obese patients.

The XQ gradients combine 45 mT/m peak amplitude with a slew rate of 200 mT/m/msec. Up to 204 simultaneously connected coil elements, in combination with the 48 independent parallel RF channels, allow for the most flexible parallel imaging and support the most demanding applications. This is the most advanced gradient and RF system currently available on any scanner in New Zealand.



3T Skyra coils

The dedicated high channel count coils available at CAMRI include:

  • 20 channel head/neck coil
  • 32 channel head coil
  • 18 channel body matrix coils (two)
  • 36 channel peripheral angiography coil
  • 16 channel shoulder coils (small and large)
  • 16 channel hand/wrist coil
  • 16 channel foot/ankle coil
  • 15 channel transmit/receive knee coil
  • Small loop coil
  • 4 channel flex matrix coils (small and large)
  • 4 channel interventional breast coil

This selection includes virtually the full range offered by Siemens on this system.



3T Skyra software

A full range of general software is available on the 3T system. In addition specialised software includes:

  • Advanced Neuro Package including neuro perfusion, functional MRI (fMRI), arterial spin labelling (2D and 3D), SWI (susceptibility weighted imaging) MDDW DTI (multi-direction diffusion weighted diffusion tensor imaging) – with up to 256 directions, and tractography.
  • Advanced Cardiac Package containing special sequences and protocols for advanced cardiac imaging including 3D and 4D syngo BEAT functionalities. It supports advanced techniques for ventricular function imaging, dynamic imaging, tissue characterization, coronary imaging, and more. Combining the unique advantages of Tim and syngo BEAT with iPAT and powerful gradients, it allows cardiac MR examinations to be performed at high resolution and/or speed.
  • Image Fusion provides dedicated evaluation software for spatial alignment (matching) and visualization of image data from different modalities such as CT, MR, NM, and PET, or from the same modality but from multiple examinations of the same patient. It supports optimal diagnostic outcome (fusion of morphological and functional information) and therapy planning.
  • MapIt syngo providing the protocols and inline calculation of parametric maps of T1, T2 and T2* properties of the images tissue. This enhances the evaluation of cartilage in the joints.

  • Native syngo with sequences and protocols for non-contrast enhanced 3D angiography (MRA) with high spatial resolution.
  • Spectroscopy Package for both brain and prostate including single voxel spectroscopy, 2D and 3D CSI.
  • Soft tissue motion correction a 3D post-processing step for elastic soft tissue/breast motion correction. The algorithm enables higher accuracy in detection of multi-focal lesions.
  • TWIST is a time-resolved 4D angiography (MRA) technique with high temporal and spatial resolution with allows capture of multiple arterial, mixed and venous images from one injection of contrast.