The 3T Siemens Vida Fit (70cm wide bore), and 1.5T Siemens Avanto Fit system MRI scanners, plus a full set of coils, allows imaging of any part of the body. Every body part from small regions such as fingers and wrists, to whole body scans can be easily accommodated.

The comprehensive range of software allows post processing analysis in specialty imaging and our pool of consultant radiologists are highly qualified in their specific areas of interest.

While we are able to scan any area of the body, our areas of specialty include: cardiac, paediatric, neurological, vascular MRA, and advanced liver studies including FerriScans and MR Elastography (MRE).

We also have a mock scanner, which is an MRI Scanner 'shell' without it's inner workings. This allows for anxious patients to have a test run of what a real scan would be like, helping them to familiarise and prepare for their scan. This is particularly useful for children and can reduce the need for sedation or general anaesthesia.